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Felix Braberg

I’m a mobile ad revenue expert, podcaster, and passionate about all things mobile. I’ve spent years working with the biggest game and app developers to help them increase their ad revenue by designing ad placements, negotiating with ad networks and improving mediation ad stacks. I’ve worked in mobile DSPs and ad networks, so I know exactly how the demand side works. I’ve gone through hundreds of mistakes, failures and complicated situations. Please use my previous experiences and learnings to maximize your ad revenue.

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Some things I'm proud of...

  • Tetris - Increased Ad ARPDAU by 24% in 6 months by optimizing waterfalls and working with the game design team to shift focus away from interstitial ads to rewarded ads. 

  • The Office - Increased Ad ARPDAU by 16% by changing the ad stack and improving the waterfall using AB tests.

  • Idle Inn Tycoon - Removed reliance of Facebook as a monetization partner increasing Ad ARPDAU 8%. Then conceived and oversaw AB testing process to integrate Interstitial ads in a game that had 9.8 imp/DAU Rewarded impressions without degrading retention or app store ratings. 

  • Chaos Road - Collaborated with studio to add 4 new rewarded ad placements and decrease dependence on Facebook and Ironsource bidding which caused imp/DAU to by 135% and resulted in 476% Ad ARPDAU gains in 3 months.

  • Robbery Bob - Helped Robbery Bob 1 & 2 increase their Ad ARPDAU by 30% in 4 months through better mediation setup and ad placements, allowing the games to be acquired by DECCA Games.

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